Karmaphal Daata Shani

Karmaphal Daata ShaniGenreMythologyCreated bySiddharth Kumar TewaryWritten byUtkarsh NaithaniSiddharth Kumar TewaryVinod SharmaDirected byKamal MongaSumit ThakurGurpreet RanaAviraj D.Creative directorsAmol SurveNitin GuptaSiddharth TiwetiyaStarringTheme music composerOpening themeNilanjana ShamabhasamCountry of originIndiaOriginal languageHindiNo. of seasons1No. of episodes346ProductionProducersSiddharth Kumar TewaryGayatri Gill TewaryRahul Kumar TewaryCamera setupMulti-cameraRunning time22 minutesProduction companySwastik ProductionsDistributorViacom 18ReleaseOriginal networkColors TVPicture format576i HDTV 1080iOriginal release7 November 2016 (2016-11-07) -9 March 2018 (2018-03-09)[1]

Karmaphal Daata Shani (transl. ”Shani, the divine judge of deeds”) is an Indian mythological television series, which aired from 7 November 2016 to 9 March 2018 on Colors TV. The series was produced by Swastik Productions of Siddharth Kumar Tewary.[2]


The story of the series is based on the life of God Shani, who is known for his wrath. The serial also shows Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as Shani’s mentors. It also shows Shani’s tough childhood, getting the title of karmaphaldaata, his downfall, his return to Suryalok, marriage, getting his wife’s curse and finally his return as Karmphaldaata.The story is about Shani, son of suryadev and Chaaya who is the shadow form of Sandhya, first wife of suryadev and with Sandhya, suryadev has two children namely Yama and Yami , when Sandhya Cannot bear Suryadev’s Heat she Created Chaaya , to take Care of her Children until she returns from a tap , she Warns her not to get close to her husband but Chaaya did so Against Sandhaya , Shanidev was born as dark but suryadev later accepts his colour . Sandhya hates Chaaya and her son Shani , because she thinks that Chaaya Cheated her By getting close to her Husband . So, she gives lot of troubles to Shani and his mother Chaaya with help of Indradev and Rahu. But, however Shani faced all this with help of his karmapal power and his karma. Later, Shani exposes sandhya’s evil character in front of suryadev and as a result suryadev chases out Sandhya and announced Chaaya as his official wife. Due to this, Chaaya Get Pregnant Again and they got a Second baby named Badhra but actually because of sandhya’s evil plan Bhadhra became against for everyone and finally she killed herself but unfortunately the blame goes to Shani himself and as a result, Chaaya started to hate Shani and she took shani’s karmalpal position from himself. Later, frustrating Shani forgave everything and went away and the years had gone.

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10 years later, Shani returns and now he marries Dhamini due to some situation and even he earns lot of enemies namely Ravana, Indra and Rahu. However, Shani faces all and try to keep the situation as normally, but due to sevvai, Dhamini curses Shani as he never sees anyone’s face, because They were getting far instead of consummating their Marriage. To avoid these kind of situations, Shani must to take over his karmapal power again but Shani refused. Later, Chaaya understood Shani by Dhamini’s proof and speech. Finally, Ravana took a war on Suryaloka to capture all navagrahas but Shani tried to stop him as much as he can. By the end, Shani retakes his karmapal power and even released from bane which Dhamini gave and defeat Ravana and joins with his family. Further he continues his karmapal to everyone.[3]



  • Rohit Khurana as Shani – Partial Incarnation & Student of Shiva; Chaaya’s and Surya’s son; King of Shaniloka; Kakol’s Mount Friend; Karmaphaldaata/Dandnayak; Sandhya’s step-son; Bhadra’s real brother; Yami and Yam’s half-brother; Dhamini and Neelima’s husband.
    • Kartikey Malviya as Young Shani
  • Juhi Parmar as
    • Saranyu/Sandhya – The goddess of clouds, First Queen of Suryaloka; Surya’s former wife; Vishwakarma’s daughter; Yam’s and Yami’s real mother.
    • Chhaya – The goddess of shadows; Second Queen of Suryaloka; Shani’s and Bhadra’s mother ; Surya’s second wife; Sandhya’s reflection and spiritual sister; Yam’s and Yami’s step-mother.
  • Tarun Khanna as Lord Shiva/Mahadev
  • Tina Dutta as Dhamini, Shani’s Second wife; Shaniloka’s queen; Chaaya and Surya’s daughter-in-law
  • Parvati Sehgal as Elder Neelima Shani’s Power and first wife.
  • Salil Ankola as Surya – Sun; Suryaloka’s king; Chandradev’s Brother ; Shani, Bhadra, Yami and Yam’s father; Sandhya’s Former Husband; Chaaya’s husband.
  • Gufi Paintal as Vishwakarma – Architect of Devas; Sandhaya’s father; Yam and Yami’s Grandfather.
  • Kunal Bakshi as Devraj Indra – King of Gods; Sahastra Netra; King of Swarga; Sandhaya’s Friend.
  • Zohaib Siddiqui as Rahu; Ketu’s Brother and Shani’s Enemy.
  • Tinu Verma as Shukracharya:[4] King of Monsters; Indradev’s Enemy.
  • Purvesh Pimple as Kakol, Shani’s friend/mount.
    • Praneet Sharma as Young Kakol.
  • Sachin Yadav as Yamraj/Yama; god of death; Sandhaya’s and Surya’s son; Yami’s brother; Chaaya’s step – son; Shani and Bhadra’s half-brother.
    • Devish Ahuja as Young Yamraj/Yama
  • Kajol Srivastav as Yami/Yamuna; Sandhya and Surya’s daughter; goddess of river Yamuna; Chandradev’s Ex-Fiance Chhaya’s step-daughter; Yam’s sister; Shani’s and Badra’s half-sister.
    • Drisha Kalyani as Young Yami/Yamuna


  • Shahbaz Khan as Ravana
  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Narrator
  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Neelima, Shani’s power and First Wife.
  • Nirbhay Wadhwa as Lord Hanuman : Lord Pawandev and Anjani’s Son.
    • Krish Chauhan as Young Lord Hanuman
  • Ishant Bhanushali as Lord Ganesha/Vinayaka : Lord Mahadev and Parvati’s Younger Son; Ridhi and Siddhi’s Husband.
  • Yash Bhojwani and Ayush Pathak as the Ashwini Kumaras
  • Shehzan Sayyad as Young Budha
  • Preeti Chaudhary as Goddess Parvati
  • Vibha Anand / Pooja Sharma as Mahakali
  • Diwakar Pundir as Lord Vishnu[5]
  • Shweta Vyas as Goddess Lakshmi
  • Amardeep Garg as Lord Brahma
  • Raj Singh as Chandradev; Surya’s Dev Younger Brother and Yami’s Ex – Fiance.
  • Siddharth Vasudev as Lohitaang Mangal
  • Snigdha Akolkar as Anjani, Hanuman’s mother
  • Sudha Chandran as Sinhika, Rahu’s mother
  • Kunwar Naveen Jinger as Kakol’s father
  • Nimai Bali as Sage Vishwamitra
  • Kanan Malhotra as King Harishchandra
  • Brownie Parashar as King Chitraratha, king of Gandharvaloka
  • Vishal Nayak as Vayu/Pawandev, Hanuman’s spiritual father
  • Himanshu Bamzai as Akash Dev/Jal Devta
  • Pheel Mehta / atrali Chattopadhyay as Mohini : Lord Vishnu’s Avatar.
  • Sampada Vaze as Mandodari : Ravana’s Wife
  • Vijay Badlani as Narad/Rishiraj, devotee of Vishnu
  • Javed Pathan as Kuparn
  • Unknown as Sage Brihaspati

Awards and nominations[edit]


  • ITA Award for Best Historical/Mythological Serial, 2017
  • ITA Award for Best Director-Drama, 2017 – Siddharth Kumar Tewary
  • ITA Award for Best Child Artiste, 2017 – Kartikey Malviya
  • Zee Gold Award for Best Child Actor – Kartikey Malviya
  • Golden Petal Award for Favorite Child Actor, 2017 – Kartikey Malviya
  • Golden Petal Award For Best Special Effects, 2017 – Swastik Pictures
  • Golden Petal Awards for Best Music Fiction, 2017 – Divya


  • ITA Award for Best Teleplay, 2017 – Utkarsh Naithani
  • ITA Award for Best Actor – Female, 2017 – Juhi Parmar
  • ITA Award for Best TV Show, 2017
  • ITA Award for Best Actor – Male, 2017 – Salil Ankola, Kartikey Malviya[6]
  • Zee Gold Award for Best Debue in a Lead Role – Kartikey Malviya


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